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Friday, May 24th, 2013
8:59 am
A fantasy book, written in the 2000's
I have a great memory for details but not for names... so
This book is about a boy and a girl who are transported from earth to a different place,
It mainly focuses on the boy in the beginning. The boy, who is fairly young, finds himself in this place (planet or universe I am not sure), and meets a creature that tells him little about this new place, and continues on his way. Then the boy follows him, and see's a band of players on a raft playing music, and are trying to kill themselves by going off a waterfall, the boy grabs a bow from someone and shoots it at the raft to save them. However he only saves one as the rest go over the waterfall. The boy then continues and finds a wizards shack. The wizard forbids him to go upstairs, He does go upstairs and reads a forbidden book which gives him a letter. Then the wizard tells him that he will die by the hand of this tyrannical king, if he doesn't find the word to destroy him. The boy is sent to a castle where he will be given provisions to go on this journey. He meets a girl who arrived at this place pretty much the same time as him, and they both had previously lived in the USA. So they both go on this quest against all odds of survival. Anyway I am going to skip to the end because I really don't want to type out everything I know. So the boy gets all the letters rings the gong to see the tyrannical king, and tells him the word that he had sacrificed so much to get, (which is supposed to destroy the king) The king is scared but when the kid says the word the king laughs and throws him in a prison to be tortured to find out where he got the letters. The kid gets busted out by an enemy that he had incountered early, (who acted like a friend, and had betrayed him) who forces him through a hidden portal to go back to earth so the location of the word may not be discovered. The girl goes underground after finding that her friend was captured, and starts learning sorcery. PLEASE HELP!
Friday, May 17th, 2013
6:51 pm
2 brothers, cycling and a race
A young boy's older brother is a very good cyclist and he always tries to tag along. One day the older brother rides to a tournament and the younger brother isn't allowed to go. He sneaks out and through the heavy rain finds the place his brother is staying. "What are you doing here, kid?"
Older brother calls parents, he's allowed to stay. The older brother competes in races. The younger one gets to enter a race for youth which includes obstacles. He doesn't win but the older brother is proud of him for trying. They'll both try again next year.
This may be from the 1960s but most likely the 1970s. Everyone is riding a 10 speed. Nice illustrations were realistic.
Sound familiar? I'd really like to see it again.

cat: bicycles & cyclists
cat: brothers &/or sisters
cat: coming of age
decade: 1960
decade: 1970
decade: 1980
main genre: children & kids
main genre: young adult
Sunday, October 21st, 2012
8:54 pm
Young Adult Fantasy
I read this book in the late 90's, it was a stand alone book, not part of a series.
There is a young girl who is scared by the monster under her bed or in her closet. It may have be a nightmare. It really freaks her out. Someone (the villian of the story) tells her she can tell the monster to leave her alone, or weaken it somehow. The monster dies, and we find out that he was so scary to protect the girl from even worse monsters.

The girl grows up (teenager at high school) and is somehow different from having no monster. I think she has no fear. She only has one friend, a guy who is your basic quiet loner. Stuff happens, I think her friend dies, there may be some heaven and hell references.

If anyone can help that would be awesome.
Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
7:09 pm
Sci-fi/dystopia themed book
I'm looking for a book, young adult fiction, I read a long time ago, probably in the late 1990's. I read a translated version (Dutch), but I believe the original was in English.
What I remember that it is set in the future (or what was then the future) in Britain, mainly in and around London. It takes after some sort of world war of nuclear war and there are several groups of people trying to survive (the whole setting is a bit similar to Orwell's 1984). If I remember correctly, London is walled off from the surrounding area, which has become dangerous and pretty much deserted.
I remember two main characters, a boy and a girl, who could be siblings.
There's one scene I've always remembered (it's quite disturbing, that's why): the girl gets pregnant, but the foetus is somehow transported to a glass uterus somewhere else, in which it grows further and from which it is born.

That's all I can remember, I hope someone can help me out!

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Friday, June 15th, 2012
10:12 am
Suspense story
I have spent hours trying to find a book. It is actually a series of books.
One of the story lines is about a man that either escapes jail or is broken
out of jail and this agency will clear his record if he works for them. The
series is about this agency of "misfits" after an order with members all
over the world. I think it is linked to the Vatican or the bad guy leaders
are called cardinals? One of the good guys turns out to be a leader with the
bad guys. Anyone that finds out about them or doesn't meet their standards
is killed. Do you have an clue at all? This is driving me crazy!
Thanks for your help.
Friday, March 23rd, 2012
10:16 pm
My friend is trying to find a book...
This is a quote from her. 

" basically this young man, i think he was 16 in the story plays the violin and his father hates it so he breaks is (and i think burns it) him doing that basically broke the kids mind, sending him into a catatonic state, and his parents send him to a mental institution where he has to be force fed. His older brother (i think he was like 24) finds out all of this, yells at their parents and takes the kid with him. They ride by train where he feeds his little brother because he can't feed himself and the passengers look at him funny. in the end the kid recovers after his brother buys him a new violin and he says "music is mine?" and his brother says "yeah kid." or something to that effect

oh and it took place in the early ninteen hundreds i think" 
Monday, March 12th, 2012
12:56 pm
lifetime supply of chocolate buttons?
my friend mentioned a book, or trilogy?, where an army of some kind of non-human evil men marches over a river. And they do it by marching on top of the bodies before them that fall (making a make-shift bridge out of the army itself).
There's also a man in a tower who has a lifetime supply of chocolate buttons. Any ideas?
Friday, September 23rd, 2011
11:46 am
Does this remind you of anything?
I am looking for two books I read about 8-9 years ago.

Book 1: The book had an alien coming to stay with a human family on earth as some sort of cultural exchange program. The family has two daughters one who is an animal rehabilitator and I think the Dad was a Vet. The alien helps raise a fox kit that the daughter was taking care of and carries it around in a purse that he took from the other sister. The aliens it is revealed had come to try and take/steal some animals for their homeworld where all their wildlife had died out due to hunting, "sport" hunting and reckless slaughter.

Book 2: The main character is a guy wandering around a world where one day science had stopped working and magic had returned. People had begun to change into non-human creature like dwarves and such. One guy in a large office building (who was a ceo or boss) became a gargoyle.

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Thursday, August 16th, 2007
5:33 pm
Does anybody know??
I have a few books that I would like to find again, If anybody knows of them, please help.

1- a book about a horse rescue stable in the UK, family runs it, there is a guy who helps them; his name is Trevor, or something like that and he has a purple mohawk.
The sister is the main character, she has a little sister I think, and a big brother. 
The mum writes, and I think that there is a vet, who is either a friend, or the mothers boyfriend
At one point they go to a fair and end up in a truck-load of horses, including a blind pony and a mule, and wind up in France. The pony ends up as a carosell horse, with newspaper stuffed in her ears to keep her quiet.
Another time they have to rescue an old pregnant mare, and a feral Arabian stallion, who has been abbandoned by his previous owners.
And another story in the series, they have to rescue a white donkey who'se owners are getting a divorce. The girl and her brother end up being held hostage by the husband, the donkey has a problem with its hips, they keep dislocating.
They also rescue a champion Dressage/eventing? horse who has arthritis and is going to be put down.
Also a pony who is being used in illegal trotting races and being kept in a garden shed; there is something wrong with his legs, they have been ruined by trotting on the roads in races, and he is crippled and in lots of pain. The owners plan to give him an injection so he won't feel any pain, race him one last time, then destroy him.
that is all i can remember.

2- a story about a girl, she lives with her grandma. one day they see the girls father and run into a church to hid, the grandmother tells the girl to run to the roof/tower? and jump off on the 12th storke. She does and falls into another world.
meets up with a unicorn and something else, a bear like thing? They travel to somewhere, i can't remember.
There is a tinker, who has a wagon that he folds into a box small eneough to put into his pocket, and they meet up with a dragon who gives the girl a drop of her blood to drink, enabling her to understand every language. The father has followed her into this world, and the dragon takes him back to the human world.
They meet up with the unicorn queen.
there is also a bad guy, it has something to do with a unicorn hunter who left his ill daughter allone in the woods, a unicorn came and healed her, by stabbing her with its horn, but the father came back saw what was happening and speared the unicorn. The uicorn's horn snapped off in the girls chest, the man and unicorn killed each other, and the girl buried her father. But she has the tip of the unicorns horn still inside of her, keeping her alive, for a long time. but she is out for vengance against unicorns? Not sure about that bit.
Help if you can.

If anybody has books like this that they liked, but read long ago, or have forgotten the title/author off, describe them here and somebody here may know of them.
Good luck

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